SchoolView 2020

SchoolView 2020 suite gives a holistic view of the institution by converting the complex data into easy to understand and powerful dashboard reports.

SchoolView 2020 shows the data in tabular form. With the help of SchoolView 2020, changes of records can be shown in such a simpler form that anyone can get the information very easily. For example like, a dashboard created of enrollment of a colleges, so anyone can judge the increasing or decreasing rate of enrolling the students by seeing the dashboard. If the rate is decreasing then concerned person will focus on the reason behind the decreasing rate of enrollment. And many more examples prove that how “SchoolView 2020” is beneficial for the institutions. 


  • SchoolView 2020 is a powerful data mart and intelligent, easy to use, reporting and forecasting tool.
  • Education Analytics solution built on Power BI can help academic institutions by giving them greater visibility and accessibility of their data in a simple and effective manner.
  • This can help you to generate valuable insights using an easy to use application.
  • To track students’ performance in an easy and efficient way.

In conclusion, “SchoolView 2020” motive is to show the complex data in easier form.

The below-shown graph is the holistic view of admission process that includes statistics about graduates, freshmen, dropouts, and continuing students. It also includes percent admission in each program, program-wise dropout percentage and the main reasons for student dropouts. The graph also depicts the graduation rate, dropout rate and four main reasons for students dropping out of school.

Check it out for yourself by entering the full-screen mode of the Power BI graph shown below.


By using SchoolView 2020 suite, In current time the institutions are using the following Dashboards

A Dashboard is a type of Graphical User Interface which often provides at-a-glance view of relevant data to an objective or business process. In other usage, “dashboard” often displays key reports needed by a college or organization. 


  • Enrollment : In Enrollment report, number of students enrolled will be shown by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Field of Study, Demographics.
  • Degree Awarded : Degrees are awarded at RIO at baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels.
  • Admission : Show the statistics about undergraduate admission of first year students.
  • Retention : Student Retention is a process of ensuring student success or graduation. 
  • Advising : Academic Advising is the process in which advisor meets with the student and discuss the student’s problems and advise them appropriately.

The Power BI graph shown below gives a holistic view of the number of students, courses, programs, and faculties of all the campuses. When the user hovers the mouse pointer on any of the vertical bar graph it shows the details regarding campus, number of students, program, course and faculty details.

It also includes the holistic view of the student retention rate for the last 8 years, campus-wise. When the user hovers the mouse pointer on the line graph it shows the retention rate of the students in each campus for the particular academic year. For example, here the graph shows three campuses (Austin, Shreveport, and Alexandria) of StudentSpace University (SSU) which is imaginary.

The student advising line graph depicts the number of advising given each year campus-wise. When the user hovers the mouse pointer on the advising line graph it shows the number of students advised on each campus for the particular academic year.

Check it out for yourself by entering the full-screen mode of the Power BI graph shown below.