Impact 360

Impact 360

StudentSpace’s Impact 360 is a web-based comprehensive system to document Skill Development and measure the socio-economic impact of all the Skills training and related initiatives taken to enhance the employability different cohorts such as minorities, rural folks and the at-risk segment of our population. (As define under the Title V and Title III acts of the US Dept. of Education)

The system aims to automate the entire process of training potential students, trainees and faculty – modules cover the whole process from skill gap analysis, actual training logs, trainee competency audit, Faculty competencies, placement details, alumni information, Grants and funds utilization, Franchise tracking, up to the dashboards with comprehensive dynamic reports. 

What can Impact 360 do?

Impact 360 is a one stop information portal that allows collaboration between trainees/students, trainers/faculty, and employers.

Impact 360 enables you to track applicants from initial enquiry to enrolment and maintains an updated log of each follow-up. The software is an ideal solution for Trainers that have single/multiple Training Centres and require real time admission status anytime, anywhere.

The system helps you to maintain a list of all trainees or learners and matches their skills with a master list of skills that are in demand in each sector.  Impact 360’s Competency Audit Module documents trainee skills against industry standards.  Individual pre-mid-post testing identifies the gaps in training. Trainers can review skill levels of the trainees and can take necessary steps to fill the skill gap –and generate on-line certificates.

The Impact 360 also tracks and manages job profiles. Trainers can test trainee’s skills against sector wise standard jobs to see what they are qualified for and to identify areas for improvement when deficiencies exist.

The system can tremendously help Trainers and other stakeholders in prioritizing their resource allocation for various Skill development projects running across India. With the help of Grant Tracker – can track expenses against budgets.

The system can generate both email and SMS based alerts and contains Calendar showing staff meetings, examinations, seminars, workshops and in-school trainings. Trainees can see   latest information about their eligibility for new job openings.

An Impact 360 suite enables students, faculty, Advisor, Staff and management to access real-time information and connects them. It is an adaptable solution serving all sizes and types of institutions from universities, colleges, schools to multi-campus establishments.

Our product enhances the educational experience by providing rich set of tools that enables Collaboration, Content Management, Process Management, Statistical analysis and easy communication by means of on-line portal, email and SMS.

Our product significantly reduces faculty time spent on administrative tasks, dramatically improves data efficiency, provides consistent information across courses, students and student's performance, helps cultivate strong relationships, and produces valuable reports.

Our BI Analytical report will help the management and executives to analyse the performance of students and Faculties and improve the standard of education at various levels.

Impact 360 Suite: Salient Features

  • Contains customizable forms to capture scattered data into a single database.
  • Maintain all relevant project related documents in one place accessible by all authorized user groups.
  • Empower grantors to know on the real time basis status of funds utilization and the impact they expect from their grants.
  • Can accommodate and monitor performance indicators for all project elements and has the capability to standardize the performance indicators.
  • Defined at various admin levels.
  • Can assign tasks and track activities of all project staff on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Performance indicators can be for outcomes, and social-economic impact measurement.
  • Fully web based, therefore can be accessed anywhere, anytime.