Our data related services help your company/institution develop a risk free environment for database management. We help you create a roadmap for your database. Our database experts design and develop database to provide performance oriented results, saving your time, effort and cost. We, at StudentSpace, furnish services like database assessment and analysis, database optimization and performance management, migration services, demand driven forecasting, predictive analytics, risk analytics etc.

From Business Analytics to Business Intelligence, StudentSpace’s database experts offer real time support, guidance and consulting to help your organization overcome time critical issues to value your objectives.



  • Database Auditing

  • Performance Tuning

  • Index Maintenance

  • Database Replication

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  • Assessment & Tool Evaluation

  • Consulting & Roadmap

  • Data Mining & Analysis

  • Architecture Design

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  • Demand-Driven Forecasting

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Visual Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

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To drive better business decisions in any enterprise, data migration is a crucial operation. Content like file formats, databases, and more from one system to another are transferred by the process of Data Migration. Data migration is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and permanently transferring it from one computer storage system to another.


There are four main data migration types:


Storage Migration: This involves moving physical blocks of data from one type of hardware (such as tapes or disks) to another.

Database Migration

Application Migration

Business Process Migration


Our Data Migration service helps your company/institution develop a risk-free environment for migration of data. We help you create a roadmap for migration of data securely. Our database experts, design and develop database to provide performance-oriented results, saving your time, effort and cost. During the data migration process, data loss can occur. But StudentSpace provides such great migration service that you don’t need to worry for losing data, we know, how your data is much important and we avail our service, keeping in mind this. StudentSpace migrate the data in bulk from one source to destination.


We believe in client benefits through better service, real time support and cost-effective solutions to clients problems. StudentSpace better clients lives through.


  • Design, develop and support database custom solutions for clients across the globe.

  • Our expert team helps identify problem areas and streamline the procedures to optimized the output.

  • Develop and implement standard “Best Practices” to ensure smooth working of database operations.

  • Ensure high availability and eliminate database downtime through risk analytics and performance management.

  • Streamline process and optimize database to ensure minimum time taken in Reporting.